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2017 Rates

Taxes included in our rates

Group rates on request

Prices are subject to change without notice .

* Minimum number of people required

Camping24$/night per tent
Group of 4 people
6$/ additional person
Sea Kayak65$/person (4 hours)
75$/person (6 hours)
(Equipment included)
Cabin48$/ night (1 double)
72$/ night (3 bunk beds)
Excursion on foot$ 3/person/day
$ 8/family/day (2 adults, 2 children)
Map Season $ 12/year (date to date)
Picnic$ 2/person
Introduction to rock climbingKamou 1st contact
$ 85/person/6 hours *
(Minimum 4 people)

King-Kong 1st contact
$ 50/child/6 hours *
(10 à 15 ans, 4 personnes minimum)
The SEBKA card$ 8/person/day
$ 35/person/year (date to date)
Topo of climbing routes available
Cottage for rent(418) 493-9984

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